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"On their first album as a trio, these jazz-rooted musicians create a luxurious atmosphere drawing from funk, krautrock, and noirish electronica." 
Andy Cush / Pitchfork (read full review)

"this is project is sick. Love the tunes, you definitely capture a hypnotic fusion of like smoking hash in a dangerous alley in Tangier, but also a very trippy laid back and louche LA cool.”

Jeff Weiss (Washington post, LaLand, Spin)

“...a hot trio with an equally hot new record to come in the spring… A first single is out now, it strikes me as a seven-and-a-half minute aubade of fresh possibilities, recreating the high-summer moment when the latest and most glorious of nights bleeds fully and strongly into an entire new day; guitars, sax and sampled cow bells finding and greeting each other, parting the night-time clouds to let in the fresh wonder."  Chris Sawle / Backseat Mafia [read full review)

“And It Happens Every Day” cascades across the parched landscape like a fresh lease on life. Guitar chords flicker with effervescence, imbued by the pensive light of pedal steel, and a Wollesen’s featherlight touch. Ersahin’s emotive runs are the sound of clouds dissipating during the golden hour, a mesmerizing vision spilled across an expansive aural canvas. Ersahin, Harrington, and Wollesen come together and press forward into the next dimension.  Brad Rose / foxy digitalis (read full review)

With drummer Kenny Wollesen (Tom Waits, John Zorn, Norah Jones) and Dave Harrington (of electronic duo Darkside) guitar/bass/electronics, New York-based Swedish/Turkish saxophonist, composer, club-label owner Ilhan Ersahin captures the vibe of impromptu, cross-pollinating, and heavily grooving late-night jam sessions at Nublu, his “East Village Club where everything goes” (New York Times).


The telepathy and intuition that flows between these three musicians is one that has developed over many years of playing together in different combinations, and on a permanent regular basis at NYC's Nublu, searching and creating together in the moment. What they have come up with has evolved steadily over that time and its current form can be heard to brilliant effect on their new album "And It Happens Every Day..." which is due out on March 4th following three advance singles.

The exploratory instrumental space-jazz these gentlemen purvey has many antecedents and influences but perhaps it's best not to cite names and instead let the music speak for itself. This sound and approach comes as naturally to them as breathing, hence the album title which is also the title of the first single.

"Invite Your Eye" and "Even As You Smile" are the other two teasers set to follow right after the title track before the album as a whole arrives to provide a fuller picture of the magic these three sonic wizards have in store for you.

coming out July 14th!

* Debut Album "INVITE YOUR EYE"
out MARCH 25th, 2022



"And it Happens Every Day"



"Invite Your Eye"



"Even as You Smile"

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