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Wonderland is the openhearted and vigilant reflection and expression of İlhan Erşahin on his ties with Istanbul and his curiosity in Turkish music. Saxophone, bass, drums and guitar as jazz’ integral objects and Turkish music’s milestones kanun, darbuka and clarinet are cleverly unified in the rather softened digital milieu of Wonderland. The best of all surprises are concealed in the unconventional voices of new generation Istanbul vocalists like Nil, Bora and the 14 year old Dilara, that complete this magical togetherness. The outcome is universal, pensive and provoking, futuristic, eclectic, but mostly, an elegant album. Wonderland, recorded in İstanbul and New York, mixed and mastered in Bodrum, Bretagne and Kopenhagan, comes as a dreamsaver/esperanza boat in today’s world where we are overwhelmed with the unpromising and ever-dissapointing examples of electronica-world fusion. Wonderland offers a smooth yet strong work that blends jazz with electronica with oriental music in flowing melodies redeeming the listenner from the burden distinguishing each instrument. Sweet dreams…




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