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The average Brazilian artist's childhood is naturally filled with the sounds of the exponents of their country's popular music, from Luiz Gonzaga to the Tropicália crew. As they come of age, however, it's only natural that they should indulge their curiosity about an even broader range of music from around the world, particularly of the American and European variety heard on the radio from the 80s to the present.

Writing songs in English comes naturally to Marcelle, and her lyrics on this album make sure to also include special words in Portuguese. Some of the lyrics express rage at what's happening to many people around the world but all of them ultimately examine the many different forms and meanings of LOVE. From a musical standpoint one can hear influences ranging from electronica and hip-hop ("Love") to synth-pop ("Why"), post-punk ("Spell"), punk-disco ("Wall") and a nod to Tina Turner ("While").

Produced by Samuel Fraga and Olympyc, the album was started right when the world was forced to grind to a sudden halt, which required all involved to adjust on the fly to creating within this strange new reality. Samuel's drums and Fabiano's guitars were recorded by Zé Nigro in São Paulo at Navegantes Studio, while Marcelle recorded her vocals at home and Samuel also handled the synths, drum programming and mixing at his own home studio. Rodrigo Sanches mastered the final result of everybody's hard work at Root Sans in São Paulo and the result, against all odds, is this wonderful album.



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