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A Fusion of Cultures and Rhythms

Jogo Duro has unveiled their latest self-titled album, a vibrant collaboration featuring Ilhan Ersahin and renowned São Paulo musicians Guizado, Zé Nigro, Samuel Fraga, Chicao, and Tony Gordin. Released on March 29, 2024, under Nublu Records, this album is a testament to the organic musical cross-pollination that has flourished from Ersahin’s extensive time in São Paulo, particularly through his work with the Nublu Jazz Fest.

The album showcases a seamless blend of jazz, Brazilian rhythms, and experimental sounds, capturing the essence of São Paulo’s dynamic music scene. Each track is a spontaneous creation, born from three days of intense studio sessions where the musicians brought their songs, ideas, and creative energy to life.


1. Pega Leve

2. Compro Ouro

3. De Quebrada

4. Pebolim

5. De Boas

6. Quebra Queixo

The result is a record that not only highlights the individual talents of each musician but also their ability to create a cohesive and innovative sound. Fans of Ceu, Otto, Curumin, Tulipa Ruiz, and the late Gal Costa will find familiar influences, yet Jogo Duro’s unique blend sets them apart in the world of contemporary jazz and world music.

This album is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the rich musical landscapes that arise when cultural and artistic boundaries are pushed. For more information and to purchase the album, visit Nublu Records and Jogo Duro’s Bandcamp

JOGO DURO - JOGO DURO Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

JOGO DURO - PEBOLIM Limited Edition 10" Gold Vinyl

JOGO DURO - PEGA LEVE Limited Edition 10" Gold Vinyl

JOGO DURO - COMPRO OURO Limited Edition 10" Gold Vinyl


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