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Nublu Records is fuckin’ dead. Or rather WAS dead. And like a tweaked out Phoenix from the ashes, we have risen again. And we have brought that good shit along with us. The funk and the sleaze. The leather and the latex. The night before, and the morning after. Listen up you devils, time for a “Night Ride.” First up, we have BK kool kid and Nicolas Jaar associate, Dave Harrington on remix duties. His low-slung, boudoir dwelling and barroom brawling interpretation of “Night Ride” is just about as rude as they come. Harrington strips down the original tune and turns the drums and bass into the star of the show, and my word…do they go bang. “Night Ride” is a down to business track for discerning dance floors. Not to mention, gambling dens, whore houses and Eastern European public baths. This is pulp in musical form. On the digital flip, Istanbul hometown hero Kaan tackles “Birds.” While retaining the propulsive energy of Harrington’s remix, Kaan’s version of “Birds” goes deep underground into code red fortified bunker mode. Exotic percussion shuffles around a slinky bassline, with only Ilhan Ersahin’s piercing sax breaking the hypnosis. Get stuck in


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