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WAX POETIC’s self-titled debut album is first time on vinyl at its 20th anniversary!

Exclusively for RSD 2021!

500 clear double LP's are waiting for you. Check here if your local records store have it.

20 years after its initial release as the opening salvo in the large and still-growing Nublu Records catalogue, the classic self-titled debut album by Wax Poetic finally makes its vinyl debut. It's an album that boldly announces the arrival of a band, a label, a club and a whole new culture in New York's East Village, as well as featuring the first commercially-released recordings of soon-to-be superstar Norah Jones. This album has weathered the years beautifully and is a must-have for Norah fans as well as fans of Morcheeba, Massive Attack and Saint-Germain. The best aspects of lounge and Acid Jazz combine here with a vision for the future that renders this music timeless. Many labels can and have been applied to this, like Downtempo, Future-Jazz, World Music, Experimental and Electronica but the only label that really matters is Good. It serves many purposes including sampling/production, providing an alluring soundtrack for film and visuals, or serving as ideal background music for studying, painting or making love. All the musical and creative values that have served as the guiding force behind Nublu's musical culture for the last two decades are vividly outlined here and add up to an album that had a lot to offer in 2000 and still does now.


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